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Post Caps by Cabinlife

An easy post capping solution for Decks, Pergolas, Sheds and our Cabin Kits.


At Cabinlife, we supply our purpose made post caps around Australia. Our Post Caps are used by builders, handymen, our installers, and many more DIY’rs looking for a capping solution for 125mm treated pine logs and 75mm gal steel posts.

We have 2 models available. Both made from 2.7mm Galvanised Steel.

The round post cap is designed to fit over a 125mm treated pine pole.
The Square cap design fits directly onto a 75 x 75 SHS steel post. Our caps come predrilled for easy connection to your posts.

Our Post Caps are great for Decks, Pergolas, Sheds, Cabin kits and Cubby houses.

Prices for both styles of Post Cap are currently $30 each plus gst. 

Delivery fee will be confirmed once address is known.


125mm Round Post Ant Cap

The round post ant cap is designed to fit over 125mm treated pine poles which can be found at any landscape gardening or rural supply store. The top bearer attachment plate is 80mm high which allows you to attach firmly to the bearer timber or steel frame.

Our round post caps are made from 2.7mm Galvanised steel and are a great time saving way to attach 125mm timber posts
to a base frame for decks, pergolas, cabin kits and cubby houses. 



75 x 75mm Galvanised Steel Square Post Ant Caps

The Square post caps are designed to go over 75×75 Galvanised steel (SHS) and use self tapping screws to secure post caps in place. This make it easy to adjust your heights. Our post caps make it easy to build decks, carports, cabinlife cabin kits, sheds, pergolas or even cubby houses.

Our square 2.7mm galvanised steel posts caps are a fantastic way to attach your steel posts to timber of metal base framing.
With multiple connection points these post caps can be adjusted to meet the height requirements for your new project.

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Here is a prime example of our post caps in use on our Haven and Stradbroke cabins. The beautiful timber cabin kit from Cabin Life was easily erected on treated timber pine poles with the aid of our post caps.
Post caps will greatly help to protect your investment from white ants. The generous 30mm bevel at the top of the ant cap creates a block to slow white ants down as they try to make tracks up your treated timber post. The caps are also height adjustable so if you for some reason had a post drop you can re-screw the cap into a higher position on your post.