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Painting your Cabin

Cabin Kits must be Sealed or Painted

Your brand new “Cabin LIfe” cabin kit will need to be painted with a good quality undercoat and two coats of good quality paint or have two coats of a good quality sealer such as an “intergrain” product which can be purchased from any Bunnings or decent hardware or paint store.

Some oils and wood penetration preserves like “Cutek” are good for decks, but not good for the timber in the cabin walls as they do not create a good protection barrier against the elements.

It is also a good idea to use a joint filler like (Selly’s No More Gaps or Caulk in Colours) to seal any tiny gaps. We personally like to use a gap filler in all of the corners even though we know our water tight chalet corners work very well. The gap filler in the corners will stop small spiders nesting in the tiny spaces and will make your cabin look even more amazing once painted.

For your Cabin Timber Warranty to be valid you must properly paint or seal the Cabin kit within 3 months after construction.