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Cabinlife | The Byron 45m² 1 Bedroom Deluxe Granny Flat
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The Byron 45m²

The “Byron” cabin kit is definitely our most popular larger designed cabin as it lends itself to a variety of uses.

A lot of our clients use this cabin kit as a home / accomodation for guests (even Air BnB), workers accomodation ect.. It has its own bathroom and bedroom section with a large living area. Others have used it as an art studio with an office in the bedroom and used the bathroom space just for storage. The “Byron” is also great for a teenage retreat as there is enough room for a toilet, corner shower, vanity and a kitchenette. It also comes with a 2 metre covered verandah.

This cabin comes as a kit only. Kitchen, bathroom, electrical, plumbing and other items are not included in the kit price. 

NSW council regulations now allow cabins up to and including 20m2 and in some instances on rural zoned blocks – dwellings up to 50m² in your back yard without council approval. Conditions apply. Click here to see legislation

The Byron Cabin Kit is our most popular B&B cabin.

The Byron Kit (Previously called the Deluxe Cabin) comes in 70mm thick solid timber and is currently on a super special sale price till 31st December 2020 for $22,990. Usually $24,990.


Usage Ideas for your Timber Cabin

This size is common to be used as a home office for 1 or more people. Plenty of room for several desks and a meeting table with a small kitchenette and bathroom.

This is a broad catergory. Visiting relatives from out of town, expanding families needing more room, teenage retreat, divorcee accomodation (it happens), even Air BnB rentals or local traveling workers accomodation. Use for your own needs or rent it out as an income source.

A great space for a pool table, or a big lounge and TV, so you can kick back and enjoy family and friends in a safe, casual and entertaining environment.

Enjoy the ability to potter in your favourite hobbies in your own dedicated space. Art Studio’s, Pottery, Sewing, Beauty Rooms, Massage. It makes a great ‘chill out’ space to read a book, Tutor Music or even Home Schooling. Relax and Recharge with some soft music and a cuppa tea to have a break from the day to day grind. Plenty of clients say their cabin is their favourite “Happy Place” away from the day to day grind.

Nothing beats a dedicated space to work on your favourite hobbies. If your current shed is full of family “items” and doesn’t look like changing anytime soon, enjoy the new dedicated workspace and great size for your gardening passion or computer repairs, or whatever you like doing. Its really up to you. 

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Cabin Specs

Detailed List of Cabin Specs

Complete Cabin Kit

Overall Floor Space 9m x 5m = 45m² in total. Also included is a 2m x 5m wide Verandah.

Bathroom Space

With timber sliding door. Enough space for a corner shower, toilet and small vanity if they are required. 

Floor Bearers

140mm x 45mm H3 treated, resistant to moisture and termites.


Cut to size, 70mm T&G (Tongue & Groove) Timber. Ready to Assemble, then Seal and Paint.


28mm Tongue & Groove (T&G) Solid Timber Flooring. 

Roof Beams

140mm x 48mm, Full Span for N3 wind rating.


21mm Tongue & Groove (T&G) timber. Colourbond is an optional extra that we recommend for all cabins.

Timber Posts

Used in the sub-floor construction. 125mm round treated pine H4 posts at 800mm in length per post. 


The Byron Deluxe Kit comes with 7 Double Glazed Timber Windows. 

Front Door

“Double Glazed” Half Glass French Door with handles and locks is included in the standard Byron package.


28mm solid treated timber floor at 5 metres wide x 2m deep with Horizontal verandah rails as main per photo.

Building Plans

Easy to Follow Building Plans are included with the cabin kit. We also have a range of instructional videos to help DIY’ers build the cabin step by step.

Sub Floor Base Kits

Our standard base kit is included in the price, But Note: Base kits can vary in price due to site specifications. Cabin heights off the ground can add additional post length. If soil tests are required, some hole diameters and depths may vary and some site specific engineering may be required depending on your cabin usage. We will advise if any variation in price is required, but it is not common that we need to add some to the cabin kit price.

Additional Windows and Doors

Additional Windows and Doors can be added into one of our standard designs. We would advise the price once we have discussed the options available. Adding or removing items from a standard kit may result in a significantly longer delivery time, as the additions or deletions need to be catered for at the factory as a one off build.

DIY - Handy Info

If you have had reasonable experience in DIY projects, then our cabin kits are very straight forward and easy to assemble. If your kit does require council approval then you can DIY as a licensed ‘Owner Builder’ or enlist the help of a licenced, local Carpenter or Builder.
Sometimes it is a better use of your valuable time and more cost effective to have our installation team come and install it for you. Prices for installation are located on this page.  This cabin takes about 1 week onsite for our installers to complete the cabin build to lock-up stage.


Cabin Kit delivery cost depends on several factors. Geographic location, type of cabin kit, access for the crane truck. If you cant wait for a cabin and want it now, check out our ‘In-Stock’ cabins page on this website

How to Build the Byron Cabin Kit EPISODE 1

24 minutes


How to Build the Byron Cabin Kit EPISODE 2

13 minutes


How to Build the Byron Cabin Kit EPISODE 3

7 minutes


How to Build the Byron Cabin Kit EPISODE 4

9 minutes


How to Build the Byron Cabin Kit EPISODE 5

6 minutes


Finished Byron Cabin Kit

Grandma’s Byron Cabin granny flat

More finished byron cabins

another fitted out cabin kit