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Cabin Kits Currently in Stock

Below is a list of the cabin kits we currently have in stock or will have in stock very soon. If you need more space at your place we can get a cabin delivery directly to you within a few days.

All other models shown on our website can be ordered.

1 x Tassie Cabin kit 50m2 (Rural Shed) google and search (Cabin Life Tassie Cabin) www.cabinlife.com.au/tassie/

1 x Lodge Cabin 50m2 (Rural Shed)

1 x Byron Deluxe in 70mm Timber (Sept)

1 x She Shed Cabin (June)

1 x Garden Escape Cabin (June)

1 x Teenage Retreat (July)

1 x Norfolk (Sept)

1 x Lennox (Sept)

1 x Haven (Sept)

3 x Art Studio (Sept)



The Haven by Cabin Life - 20m²